Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scrap Happy

Today is a beautiful day in Middlebury, Vermont.

Last week, as I was leaving church, there was a box in the front yard labeled "Free to a good home". Since I like free things, I took a peek.


None of the pieces are very big, but there are some really cute ones. 

Since I am still working on my scrappy quilt, I took them home to become part of my collection.

Then, today, I took a stroll downtown to check out the fundraising "Peasant Market" at the local church. There, I found...
 More scraps!!!

 All this scrappy goodness for $3.

Just look at those little scottie dogs!!!

And, because I am a sucker for all things handmade...

 Some pretty hand embroidered place mats and napkins.

A few years ago I would never have thought I could get so excited about a few scraps!

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