Friday, July 16, 2010

More blog silence...because I am, sadly, very far away from my
sewing machine AND my knitting needles, and instead devoting my time to study. Lame. However, in about a month I will graduate (hooray!), go back home, and quickly (hopefully) finish the three WIPs I left behind...three quilts for some very special people who are helping me plan my wedding. The first one I have already sh0wn pictures of, and that one actually traveled with me to Vermont...I am slowly but surely hand-finishing the binding in my off moments, which are sadly few and far between.

However, I now know an awful lot about deixis, especially in Chinese. I'm still not sure precisely how that will help me do my job better, but knowing is half the battle, right?

I decided to take a study break and revisit my crafty goals for this year.
T-shirt quilt: done! yay! Want to make another one for my dear husband-to-be, who owns more tshirts than anyone I have ever known.

Fusing plastic bags. I did do a brief experiment with this, but had trouble finding the right iron heat to make it really work. I could only succeed in very small pieces...I will have to ask my friend Carole Ann, who I know has had some success with this. On a side note, I really want to make one of those gathered clutches she has on her blog...

A new hat for the boy...definitely a necessity. Any good suggestions for hat patterns? Maybe this one...or this one...or pretty much anything listed here.

T-shirt tote bag: again, tried this, but had a hard time with sewing the tshirt material. Grandma suggested I needed a different kind of needle, but by then I was already distracted by something else...

Sigh...back to learning about speech act theory...