Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The most beautiful nursery ever!

This summer, I was out of state for work. When I left, I knew that by the time I got home, I would be extremely pregnant and probably not able to get around very well (and that was completely true). I was a little bit nervous about getting the nursery set up for the girls, since the room was full of my craft stuff that would all need to be moved...and I didn't really have any idea where to get started. As I posted here, the room was kind of a mess...

So, I am pretty much the luckiest person ever to have two fabulous sisters-in-law and a wonderful mother-in-law who volunteered, completely on their own, to tackle this daunting project for me while I was away. They not only created a fabulous nursery, but moved and reorganized my whole craft space! The project was meant to be a secret, so even though I wasn't at home, the process took place behind closed doors...

I basically told Kim and Michelle that I didn't want anything too girly - not all pink - but other than that, they could do whatever they wanted. Thanks to their incredible creativity, this is what they came up with.

 My grandmother made the curtains.

The dresser came from my parents' house - they bought it 25 or so years ago to serve as a changing table when my younger brother was born :)

They also stocked us up with the essentials - blankets, washcloths, soap and wipes and lots of tiny, adorable clothes.

Michelle painted these adorable little animals on the wall. Can you believe how talented she is?

And Kim, the most organized person I have ever known, set up a fool-proof closet system to organize all the tiny clothes, hats, and socks that babies need.

My mother-in-law gave us these beautiful new cribs.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family - and my girls are so blessed to have such devoted aunties and grandma!

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