Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amazing Baby Gifts

I have mentioned before that my family is full of crafty people. Keith's family is full of talented people as well - so I wanted to share some of the amazing handmade gifts we were given to help us prepare for the arrival of our little ones.

Our families worked together to throw us an amazing baby shower. They went with a book theme, and asked guests to bring their favorite baby and kids' books. We now have quite a little library!

Kim and Michelle made the cake.

 The tables were decorated with books, covered in coordinating paper.

 The room was just beautiful!

Our friend Jody tie-dyed some adorable baby clothes for us. The result is totally unique - and we will definitely think of her every time we put them on the girls!

My grandmother made these beautiful receiving blankets for us, and hand-knitted the beautiful sweaters below. There are adorable little bonnets to go with them. The stitches are so tiny, and the yarn is so soft - they must have taken forever to make! They are really incredible.

 Keith's Aunt Carol and his cousin Erin made this beautiful activity book for the girls. I remember having one like this when I was little - it teaches them to tie, and zip, and button, and learn about numbers and letters. It is really incredible.

 Keith's mom knitted these beautiful blankets for the girls. They are incredible soft and the pattern is so pretty!

These ones aren't handmade - but they are hilarious. The bib is from Keith's brother Thomas- it says "My Uncle Is Hot - and Single!!!" The onesies say "I was planned (she wasn't!)", which is perfect for our surprise twins!

 Keith's sister Michelle painted this beautiful plaque for the girls. It reads "Twice the Joy, Twice the Love, Twice the Blessings from Above".

And finally, Keith's cousin Kelley made this diaper cakes. They are so cute it seems a shame to take them apart! They are decorated with little toys, bibs, and other tiny baby necessities.

My cousin Aimee, who is quite a photographer, took all the pictures of the shower for us. She takes some really incredible photos. I can't wait to have her do a photo shoot with the girls once they are home.

So, to sum it up...we are incredibly lucky to be supported by such wonderful people. Having preemies and leaving them at the hospital has been really hard, but it is made easier through the love and support of our families and friends!

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