Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Charity

Since my April charity focused on people who are far away, for May I'd like to focus a little closer to home. I will be donating to a local homeless shelter...I'll have to make some calls and make sure they want what I have to give! This month's project will be socks. Why socks?
1. I really like knitting socks. It makes me feel really smart. People who know how to knit socks will know why.
2. Everyone needs socks!
3. I have lots of sock yarn in my stash.
4. Socks are cute and fun. For example:
Adorable, right?
After stumbling around a bit (I think I frogged three sock attempts before settling on a pattern that would work for me and the yarn I wanted to use...and then I contemplated how funny the word "frog" is) I found this pattern on ravelry.Happy Knitting!

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