Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aren't the monsters cute?After I made my first batch of bibs, I realized that I didn't really know how big they had to be - I had just downloaded a template from the internet somewhere, and it seemed like the neckholes were really small. So, for this set I went with a different fastening method - pretty blue ribbon. I thought that might make it easier to actually fit them on a child.

Then, I realized that, having never put a bib on a baby, I didn't know if that would be annoying or not. So, to the moms out there - ribbon ties on bibs, annoying or not?

I've also been having some fun knitting squares for this charity. When I graduated from college, my grandmother bought me a copy of the Complete Guide to Needlework, and so I've been trying out different stitch patterns. However, I've had some trouble with my February charity, Knitting and Giving - their site says to email them for an address, and they haven't responded to my emails! Guess I'll just have to send the hats the same way as the squares. I've been having so much fun knitting squares, I've decided to make that one my April charity as well (I can still meet my goal of doing 12 different charities because of my unexpected donation to the Appalachia Service Project).

It has been fun to look into different charities - I'm keeping an eye on CraftHope, hoping they will begin a new project soon!

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  1. Those are adorable! I made a bag out of that monster fabric for a customer! They make me smile.


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