Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More baby things!

So, having found out I'm having twins, I went on a trip to Babies R Us.

Big mistake.

This was possibly the single most overwhelming shopping trip of my life. Who could have imagined that two tiny people could need so much stuff? (Fun fact: The internet tells me that this week they are the size of sweet potatoes).

So, I decided to just go home and make more stuff. Too bad I can't make things like carseats or strollers. That would be way easier and probably more fun.

I made some more burp cloths, this time out of old towels.

I have it on good authority that babies poop a lot, so I made a changing pad. I figure if I make enough of these to stash one wherever we're likely to spend time (like in the car, at my parents' house, etc) then I might be able to cut down on some mess. I loosely followed this tutorial, but I didn't use any batting because the towel is actually pretty thick.
Then, continuing with the same tutorial, I made a cute clutch to hold it. Why not?

Good thing the babies aren't arriving until October - I am nowhere near ready for this!

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