Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And now, for something completely different...

Christmastime is great, but it can be kind of stressful. Today, I needed a smile. I have no other explanation for this.

Moustaches are really funny. Even funnier? Things that don't have moustaches pretending that they do. Enjoy!

moustache gloves

Moustache Masquerade 'St...

Moustache - Neck Warmer - Gr...

Hat with moustache

moustache binky

Wooden Spoons with a Moustac...

Fancy Moustache Pins

Moustaches, Lips, Bowties an...

Moustache & Monocle Necklace

24 Month Long sleeve moustac...

Moustache scarf

Moustache Pint Glasses - Var...

Ceci n'est pas une moust...

Sophisticated : Whale with M...

Pink Octopus Plush Toy with ...

Lil' Man Moustache Binky...
Happy holidays, all! One week to go!

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