Sunday, December 11, 2011


I like the remnant bin at Joann Fabrics because you never know what you will find. Sometimes, I pick something up and it remains in my stash for awhile, waiting to be paired with something perfect. That's how this blanket got made.

I have seen these little taggie blankets before, and the penguins matched perfectly with that super-soft pink backing. I used a tutorial here for guidance, and then adjusted based on how big my fabric was.

Anyone who has read this blog at all knows that I like to make things more than once. I'm really not sure why that is...perhaps its the same reason I like to reread favorite books, rewatch favorite any case, I made two!

One will go to my cousin's baby daughter who is celebrating her first Christmas this year. The second I will donate to a local homeless shelter.

So here's a question about taggie blankets, from someone who has no kids...what's to stop their tiny fingers from getting caught in the ribbon?

In other news, I have decided to participate in this year's Giveaway Day! Check back later in the week for details :)

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