Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School, Back to School...

Even as a teacher, my favorite part of back to school is new school supplies. Fresh pencils and pens, cute notebooks and makes the whole process a little nicer.

So, I've whipped up a few things to ease the process...
Scottie dogs!

Green is my favorite color :)

For these ones, I used a tutorial here. The way she installs her zippers is different from how I usually do it, and I think it maybe came out a little neater than usual.

I made a larger pouch as well, following instructions here.Currently it is holding my embroidery supplies.

Enjoy the rest of summer, and be safe - Irene is coming!

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  1. I love the bags and the apron! My sewing has been minimal...hoping to get back to it because life just feels "normal" when I am!


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