Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The end of sock month!

~socks everywhere!~
May was sock month, and I knitted six tiny pairs (and one slightly larger pair). It reminded me how much I like knitting socks, and I got so I could do a baby pair without thinking about it too much. I also played around with different heel and toe methods, which was fun, and learned to do a three-needle bindoff (which isn't really very hard, but I had never done it before, so I can add a new technique to my repetoire).

I found that I really liked this pattern (shown above), with a cute garter ridge detail in front and back. I liked the pattern so much that I'm going to go with another pattern by the same designer for June's project, this baby sweater. The socks will be going to a charity very close to home: Sowing Seeds, which provides new and gently used clothing to local residents in need.

I am anxious to show off the results of my sewing lessons with Grandma, but I haven't gotten the chance to take good pictures yet. Soon, soon! 

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