Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Back from my blogging hiatus with a new husband and a new name :)

It was, in all honesty, the most perfect day of my life. It was absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by all the people we love best and celebrate the beginning of our life together. And it's so funny to think that now, I am a Mrs! I keep giggling when the kids at school call me Mrs. P :)

Then, I was surprised when I got back by a lovely crafty wedding gift from Carol Ann at Connect the Dots Crafts! You can check it out here. Carol Ann even made herself an incredible dress to wear to the wedding! Check that out too.

I actually have been doing some crafting, too...I'll post soon!


  1. Yay! Welcome back Mrs. Pollard!
    Thanks for linking. I hope you and Keith have a good excuse to wear the aprons with all of your fancy new cooking equipment!
    It was a really, really wonderful day!

  2. Um, Mrs. Pollard, you are adorable. I had a wonderful time, as I'm sure you know. Woo.

    Also, the lovely Carole Ann helped me put your blog on my google reader, so bring it on!



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