Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kindle Cover

I recently got a Kindle Fire. To be honest, I'm sort of on the fence about doesn't seem to work perfectly as either a tablet or an e-reader (because of the backlighting). But, it was free, and it's a handy, fun little toy. I kept my regular kindle for reading, and mostly use this one for accessing the internet.

To keep it from getting scratched, I decided it needed a cover. I used this tutorial, which was clear and easy to follow. And I ended up with this:

A quick, easy project. So quick and easy, in fact, that I repeated it to make a matching cover for my camera :)

(Interesting how these photos look like completely different colors, but it is in fact the same fabric...hmmm....)

And, because I can scarcely believe how big I am getting...unattractive self-photo! Six months down, three to go. (I actually took this photo almost two weeks ago...and the belly has continued to grow since then!)

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