Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I love winter. I love snow, and I can't WAIT to go skiing.

So, in order to occupy myself before there's snow...I have been knitting snowmen :)

And here's how I did it. I've made these snowmen in two sizes: large (pictured above) and small (about half that size). They are exceptionally easy to make.

I used a bulky yarn (it's nice and fluffy, like snow) and size 10.5 needles. It could be done with any kind of yarn as long as it knits up tight enough so the stuffing doesn't show.

Cast on 6 (12) stitches.
1. K1, Inc1 all the way across. (9/18 stitches)
2. Divide the stitches onto three needles.
3. Knit 1 round.
4. K1, Inc 1 all the way around. (13/27 stitches)
5. Knit 1 round.
6. K1, Inc 1 all the way around. (19/40 stitches)

At this point, if you want to make your snowman fatter, repeat rows 5 and 6 again.

Knit even in the round until the snowman measures about 5 (11) inches.

Begin decrease:
7. K1, K2tog around.
8. Knit 1 round.
9. K1, K2tog around.
10. Knit 1 round.
11. K1, K2tog around.
12. Knit 1 round.

Cut off the end and pull it through each of the remaining stitches. Stuff.

Once the snowman is stuffed, thread a yarn needle with a bit of white yarn. Tie it around the snowman's "neck" and pull it tight.

The scarf can be made in any variety of ways. For the large snowman, I make it ten stitches across, for the small snowman, five stitches. You can add stripes or ribs or whatever makes you smile.

For the hat: The number of stitches you use will depend on the kind of yarn you want to use. Since I am using up scraps, every one comes out a little different :)

Cast on 45 (60) stitches.
Work in K1, P1 rib for 5 rows in the round.
Work even in the round for another 5 rounds (more if you want to make the hat a bit floppier).
Decrease rounds - alternate the following two rows until 6 stitches remain.
K1, K2tog across
K across.

Cut the end and pull it through the remaining stitches. Voila!
For his cute little nose I used an orange pipe cleaner. Embroider on some eyes and he's done!

Think snow!

Any comments on my pattern would be appreciated - I don't usually write things down, but I'm trying to start. Was it clear?


  1. That is so CUTE! I love it, just stopping by through PEAR!! :)

  2. So Darling! I can't believe I never thought to knit a snowman before, but I definitely will now. :) Stopping by from PEAR.

  3. I think knit snow is the best kind.... how else could you get a warm and cuddly snowman? Love it!

  4. This is one cute snow man! It reminds me of some my mom made when I was a I'm feeling nostalgic. :)

    I'm working on two knit dolls for my granddaughters for Christmas...will I get them done? Hmmmm...

  5. The blog roll for PEAR is up and running now, so go over and give the other crafinistas some comment love!

  6. Very cute! Fellow PEAR here! We had snow this time last year!

  7. Stopping in from PEAR. That is the cutest. I like to knit little christmas trees, and I think they'll need a snowman friend this year! :)

  8. he's adorable.... fellow PEAR... love your site!

  9. He's adorable...just stopped in from PEAR!

  10. Aww, he's so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  11. This is adorable, Erica! I just linked to your page from my holiday craft site:

    Please let me know if I can link to your projects in the future.


  12. your snowman is very cute. Can't wait to make one. Was wondering if you can use circular needles?

  13. Definitely! I have done it both ways.

  14. I have a question from the start of instructions. If you have 6 stitches and k1 inc 1 across row shouldn't you end up with 12 st instead of 9? and 24 instead of 12?

    1. Starting with 6 sts, you K1, then inc 1, across row (i.e. Inc 1 on alternate stitches --not every stitch = 9 sts)


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