Sunday, September 27, 2009

Consider this post as a warning against starting a project, abandoning it for about a year, and then trying to finish it.

I got this pattern for super-cute baby shoes from Bekah Knits. I like it a lot, but I'm not terribly satisfied with the results.
One of them came out slightly larger than the other (the difference isn't as pronounced as in the photo, one of them is slightly in front). I think it's because I knit one of them almost a year ago, and maybe my knitting is looser now? I don't know. Also, once I had finished putting them together, I realized that instead of making two different shoes for two different feet, mine are both the same. Unfortunately, I'm out of this yarn, so I can't make another set to match them with.

I also think if I were to do this again, I would pick up the stitches to start the sock (the lighter green part) lower down inside the shoe part. I think this would make it lie flatter, and mine needed some creative finishing to lie flat.

Also, the socks were supposed to be ribbed. I have no explanation as to why I did not rib them, but for some reason I did not, and I had already finished the first one before I noticed the mistake, so I just knit the second one to match.

Ah well. Live and learn :)Rufio says hi!

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